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Lars Ulrich: Motorhead knew how to ‘unite’ people from different genres

Lars Ulrich believes Motörhead was the first band to "really unite fans" from multiple different genres.      

ACM Awards bosses stand by historic Entertainer of the Year tie amid backlash from fans

Many country music fans took to social media to air their concerns.      

Dr. Dre’s wife seeking trademark cash for rapper’s name and classic album

The former couple is currently fighting over the terms of a prenuptial agreement.      

Lady Gaga’s new video features nods to her mental health issues

The singer thanked her fans for their support during her turbulent health journey.      

Miley Cyrus records new tracks about Liam Hemsworth relationship

Miley Cyrus has recorded a number of new songs about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth.      

Steps feared being slammed for ‘insensitive’ song title

Steps worried they'd be slammed for being "insensitive" with the title of their new single.      

Marilyn Manson refused painkillers after breaking leg in stage fall

Marilyn Manson has recollected that he didn't take an painkillers after a horrendous injury.      

Billie Eilish hits out at irresponsible pandemic party-goers

Billie Eilish has lashed out at people partying through the pandemic and will not release her next album until people can dance in the streets again.      

Kanye West worries fans with early morning tweet-and-delete about murder fears

Kanye West has tweeted disturbing missives about being murdered.